About Us

Welcome to our tribe

Ede and Daisy are highly-experienced creatives. With degrees in Anthropology, Art and Design, Writing and Marketing. Our perspective is holistic, dynamic and inclusive. 

Our goal is simple: To engage, create, and grow the tribe.

edē Arwine

edē is an artist and poet. He is a craftsman of digital design, writing and music. He has stylus, design, writing, video/audio hardware and software in his toolbox
— and the bleeding heart of empathy, thus fueling outreach.

Degrees: BA English/Creative Writing, BA Anthropology, BA Tourism and Travel, AA-Art, Cert Digital Marketing, Social Media and Ecommerce

Daisy Arwine Designer and Illustrator

daisy Arwine

daisy is an artist and fighter. She is a craftswoman of fine-arts and design.
She has paint, pencils, tablets, and misc hardware and software in her toolbox
— and an insatiable thirst for quality art, thus inspiring action.

Degrees: BFA, BA Anthropology, BA Tourism and Travel

Who Are We

Empaths wth a skill-set and drive to help others. 

Our Mission

To deliver dreams imagined and desires sought.

To be facilitators cultural appreciation.

What We Do

Use Artistic and Anthropological approaches in the development of promotional messaging.

Our history

Daisy has birthed her creative spirit and uncanny artistic ability from the trials of growing up in a beautiful environment, with a great demand to be resourceful. Making use of all available materials both on land and under-wave to forge her artistic expression. Daisy found she was able to connect to the desire-for-growth of people and businesses — by providing her unique aesthetic personality and fostering of community growth.

edē developed his path-of-understanding by witnessing the social-stressors and common-ground-appreciation necessary for survival in the city of Detroit, MI. This landscape of hard work, integrity and industrial-creative-expression proved to be the impetus that allowed him to compose music, write, and design solutions for many well-known businesses and start-ups.

Our 6-D process



We get to know you. Spend time in your environment (physical or digital) and be the participant-observer.



From our initial interactions we identify both strengths and weaknesses that will enable your goals to be realized.



Here we begin to create the aesthetics and messaging that will help identify and differentiate you from the competition. 



This is when we take the information from steps 1-3 and create a package of materials best suited to begin to get your message across to the world.



After development we integrate your materials and message across to all applicable media. Print, Web, Social, B2B, B2C channels will be used to expand your message.



Results. Upon deployment, we will deliver continued monitoring and modification that will keep your message fresh and in the faces of your existing and potential customers.

Are you missing out on the opportunity to truly connect with your customers?

We don’t just give you what you need, we present you with what they WANT

Hello. You’re there, almost. You’re trying to let as many people as possible know you have something that can help them. You’re feeling the pressure. Suddenly you have an epiphany. With little effort you contact Athrodyn — and voila! — Your story is handcrafted, and people notice. Your reach expands, your gifts are opened, people speak your name.

Too good to be true? Not at all, not with Anthrodyn. Let your Good Tribe Grow!

We are different because of who we are.

Who we are: honest, creative people, who appreciate culture and diversity — and posses the know-how to craft a relatable brand experience that will help you grow. Why: because good work and doing the right thing, just comes naturally.

What we are not: passionless money-seekers who will attempt to out talk you with buzz-words and jargon — then bill you for it. Why: because we see people as, well, human-beings who deserve a good experience — not just as numbers for statistical inference.


Why choose us?

We connect to the emotional desires of you and your potential customers, developing resources and build your tribe.

We’ve each had university training in marketing, and through diverse approaches — have access to atypical lenses that connect with people.

We’ve each attained university degrees in the arts. (Fine Arts, Design, Creative Writing). Most importantly, we’ve engaged in the life-long pursuit of the arts.

Our works are designed with real emotion to reach real people. The age of the algorithm is done. 

We can help build all aspects of business presence. Websites via WordPress. Graphic Design via a number of major software applications. Fine arts illustrations that create style, sophistication, and differentiation. Writing both emotive and technical and much more.

We implement a scalable approach to our projects, so they can continuously grow and be re-purposed. This saves time, creates theme, and solidifies the brand message which leads to growth.

Everything we do is geared to grow your tribe and put your name on the lips of future advocates.

We say what we mean and do what we do, on-time, in-scope, within budget and always aiming to exceed expectations.

Projects Completed

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